Mabel's Saga

This short animation celebrates menopause through the story of Mabel. She’s juggling work, teenagers and an elderly mom. Now she’s got hot flashes and chin hairs! Before you can say "estrogen," purple-haired Mabel finds herself the heroine of her own adventure. Colourful computer animation and a rich musical score offer a reassuring look at one of the most important passages in a woman's life.

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  • redoak

    «Well Done. My wife and sisters will enjoy this one!» — redoak, 30 Avr 2012

  • tashine2

    «Amen, Sister!!» — tashine2, 18 Nov 2011

  • mabthib

    «I'm Mabel and this is my saga! I'm so glad my son found this and sent it on. Is there really a light at the end of this very HOT tunnel?» — mabthib, 16 Nov 2011

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Générique du film

JoDee Samuelson
JoDee Samuelson
Kent Martin
JoDee Samuelson
dessinateur du décor de fond
Lesley McCubbin
enregistrement des effets sonores
David B. Ward
montage son
Don Ayer
Shelley Craig
Geoffrey Mitchell
Karla Baumgardner

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