The Sacred Sundance: The Transfer of a Ceremony

The Sacred Sundance: The Transfer of a Ceremony

| 1 h 9 min

This feature-length documentary chronicles the Sundance ceremony brought to Eastern Canada by William Nevin of the Elsipogtog First Nation of the Mi'kmaq. Nevin learned from Elder Keith Chiefmoon of the Blackfoot Confederacy in Alberta. Under the July sky, participants in the Sundance ceremony go four days without food or water. Then they will pierce the flesh of their chests in an offering to the Creator. This event marks a transmission of culture and a link to the warrior traditions of the past.

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  • participant
    Kani Malsom
    William Nevin
    Bernard Jerome
    Keith Chiefmoon
    Nathan Chasing Horse
    Pamela Red Cloud
    Melvin, Jr. Brewer
    Hubert Francis
    Eugene Sock
    Stephanie Simon
    Cynthia Davidson
  • écriture
    Brian J. Francis
  • réalisateur
    Brian J. Francis
  • producteur
    Kent Martin
  • cinématographie
    Nigel Markham
  • son
    Alex Salter
  • monteur
    Rohan Fernando
  • superviseur de production
    Patricia Coughran
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    Rohan Fernando
    Kent Martin
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    Ronaldo Richard
    Hubert Francis
    Stephanie Coolen
    Vanessa Larsen
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  • WizGarber

    The Elsipogtog elder is from Eastern Canada, not from Western Canada. The elder from Western Canada is Keith Chiefmoon of the Blackfoot Confederacy in Alberta.

    WizGarber, 27 Sep 2016
  • Malsom

    The sacred sundance film is a educational film to share about the Indigenous way of life, and how we co-exist in a ever changing world.

    Malsom, 21 Déc 2013
  • Anne with an E

    loved it....showed it to my mikmaq class.

    Anne with an E, 13 Sep 2013