Making Movie History: Denys Arcand

Making Movie History: Denys Arcand

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As a young man, Denys Arcand had his heart set on history. He fell into cinema by happenstance, only to become Quebec's most famous director--a winner several times over at Cannes and recipient of the 2003 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. His beginnings wer auspicious. While making a student film in 1961, Arcand was assigned an extraordinary crew that included Brault, Groulx, Carrière and Gosselin. His new friends found a place for him at the NFB, and the agency became his school. He honed his craft alongside cameraman Bernard Gosselin and watched as Pour la suite du monde took form in a neighbouring editing suite. Inspired by this creative foment, he went on to make a remarkable series of films. Referencing Machavielli, classical tragedy, or biblical scripture, the iconoclastic Arcand challenges and stimulates, exploring contemporary Quebec with fearlessness and humour.

This interview is part of Making Movie History: A Portrait in 61 Parts.

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