Journey to Justice

Journey to Justice

| 47 min

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This documentary pays tribute to a group of Canadians who took racism to court. They are Canada's unsung heroes in the fight for Black civil rights. Focusing on the 1930s to the 1950s, this film documents the struggle of 6 people who refused to accept inequality. Featured here, among others, are Viola Desmond, a woman who insisted on keeping her seat at the Roseland movie theatre in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia in 1946 rather than moving to the section normally reserved for the city's Black population, and Fred Christie, who took his case to the Supreme Court after being denied service at a Montreal tavern in 1936. These brave pioneers helped secure justice for all Canadians. Their stories deserve to be told.

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Journey to Justice, Roger McTair, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Roger McTair
  • producteur
    Karen King-Chigbo
  • producteur exécutif
    Louise Lore
  • monteur
    Tom Latimer
    Steve Weslak
  • directeur de la photographie
    Stanislaw Barua
  • conception sonore
    Alan Geldart
  • musique originale
    Guy Zerafa
  • narrateur
    Datejie Green
  • narration - écriture
    Laine Drewery
    Roger McTair
    Alan Mendelson
  • consultant au récit
    Laine Drewery
    Alan Mendelson
    Claire Prieto
  • None
    Sheldon Taylor
    James Walker
    Milton Bryan
    Patrice Dutil
    Dorothy Williams
    Julie Crooks
    Tana Turner
    Nadine Tsehaie Makonnen
    Juanita Peters
    Alyssa Ryvers
    Kenneth Salah
    Rick Jarjoura
    Douglas Marshall
    Gerry Mendoza
    Starr Jacobs
    Anita Malhotra
    Sid Lieberman
    Ian Prieto-McTair
  • gérant de production
    Julie Crooks
    Claire Prieto
  • superviseur de production
    Kemp Archibald
    James Fiege
  • assistant superviseur de production
    Michael Sardella
  • coordonnateur de production
    Nadine Simunic
  • administrateur de programme
    Ida Di Fruscia
  • recherche visuelle
    Tanya Fleet
    Tana Turner
    Bonnie G. Rowan
    Elspeth Domville
  • preneur de son
    John Martin
    Sanjay Mehta
    Brian Dupuis
    Robert Fletcher
    Michael Kennedy
    Kenneth Lee
    Ismaël Cordeiro
    Arthur McKay
  • machiniste de plateau
    John Adams
    Cabral Trotman
    Joseph Kneller
  • décorateur
    Melissa Olson
    Elsa Levy
  • assistant monteur sonore
    Patricia Quintanilla
  • assistant de production
    Andrew Bristow
    Kelly Conley
  • assistant technique
    Kevin Drysdale
    Mark Wilson
  • photographe - studio
    Ian Watson
  • libération des droits musicaux
    Ann Mayall
  • monteur en ligne
    Andrew Mandziuk
  • mixeur du repiquage
    Wayne Swingle
  • caméra Rostrum
    Jenny Lianos
  • coloration
    Andrew Mandziuk
  • réalisation graphique
    Martha Newbigging
    Michael Chambers
  • interprète
    Stanley Taylor
    Brock Curley
    David Collins
    Jacob Adams
    Terri Oliver
    Geoff McLean
    Malcolm Younger
    Kurt Brunus
    Christine Brubaker

  • nofobo

    Re: "Why didn't they teach us this in school?" For a teacher, it's pretty hard to teach what you never knew. I, too, am just learning this now. I've studied and taught about Black history, mostly American, but some Canadian, with the help of the Canadian Encyclopedia. However, I never knew Canadian rules such as "one may discriminate on the basis of race". Further, I never knew the stories of these heroes that pushed for and helped obtain justice. I am thankful for their efforts and thankful that we have the National Film Board to share and preserve their stories. I will be sharing this we staff and students. Canadians must learn this history and these stories.

    nofobo, 3 Fév 2021
  • None

    I'm just learning this now, I feel like I missed out, why didn't they teach us this in school?

    None, 10 Jul 2020
  • None

    I didn't see trudeau in any of those minstrel shows i guess it was before his time.

    None, 27 Fév 2020