In the Shadow of Gold Mountain

Filmmaker Karen Cho travels from Montreal to Vancouver to uncover stories from the last survivors of the Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Act, a set of laws imposed to single out the Chinese as unwanted immigrants to Canada from 1885 to 1947. Through a combination of history, poetry and raw emotion, this documentary sheds light on an era that shaped the identity of generations.

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Karen Cho
Karen Cho
Tamara Lynch
directeur de la photographie
Michael Wees
Nick Huard
Susan Shanks
Janet Lumb
Dino Giancola
montage son
Leopoldo Gutierrez
enregistrement voix
Henry, Jr Godding
Karen Cho
Russell Yuan
Aimée Lee
Walter Massey
Albert Millaire
Sam Stone
Mark Trafford
Geoffrey Mitchell
producteur exécutif
Sally Bochner


  • Maestrous

    «This is an important film. I'm ashamed of the way Canada treated hard working, dedicated people who gave so much build this country.» — Maestrous, 4 Fév 2012

  • machoboy95

    «200,000 dollars refund for the Head tax is not enough......buying a car cost more than that!!.... » — machoboy95, 18 Jan 2011

  • machoboy95

    «Changed???you kidding» — machoboy95, 16 Jan 2011

  • mrbrownsclass

    «I think it was very unfair how they treated the chinese people! At least now it has changed.» — mrbrownsclass, 15 Avr 2010

  • mrbrownsclass

    «we feel sorry for the people who had to live throught this. Even though Canada doesn't have very much money to spare, the chinese deserve their money back for the torture they had to go through.» — mrbrownsclass, 13 Avr 2010

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