If the Weather Permits

This short documentary studies life in the village of Kangirsujuaq, in Nunavik. In this community lying on the edge of the Arctic Ocean, children's laughter fills the streets while the old people ponder the passage of time. They are nomads of the wide-open spaces who are trying to get used to the strange feeling of staying put. Here, teenagers lap up "southern" culture and, to kill time, play golf on the tundra. Here, the elders are slowly dying, while their entire culture seems to be fading away.

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  • josee

    «great short doc. i will be sharing it with many!» — josee, 3 Mar 2012

  • kruscito

    «@northernlights --> Unfortunately, the song isn't available anywhere since it was made for the film. Sorry!» — kruscito, 2 Déc 2011

  • northernlights

    «thanks for the name of the song but how can i get it ?. thanks» — northernlights, 1 Déc 2011

  • kruscito

    «@northernlights --> The ending song is called 'Leaving Salluit' and was composed specifically for the film by Alain Auger.» — kruscito, 28 Nov 2011

  • northernlights

    «'does anyone know the name of the song at the end and how to purchase it online? i enjoyed this film.her voice and structure of the editing» — northernlights, 27 Nov 2011

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Générique du film

Naalak Nappaaluk
Danny Alaku
Timothy Etidloie
Bobby Qamugaaluk
Jimmy Kadjulik
Elisapie Isaac
Elisapie Isaac
Elisapie Isaac
Alex Margineanu
prise de son
Yann Cleary
Stéphane Barsalou
Marie-Christine Sarda
montage son
Martin Allard
Marie-Ève Livernoche
Lise Wedlock
musique originale
Alain Auger
Studio Cozmo
Shelley Craig
Yves Bisaillon

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