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If you had to summarize Randy Baleski’s philosophy, you could probably do it in three words: “Boxing saves kids.” A Winnipeg high school teacher and former boxer, Baleski has a unique approach to helping students at risk of not graduating: get them in the ring.

Fight profiles two of these young men: Rene Catcheway and Melvin Delorme. Both are Indigenous teens with troubled backgrounds. Melvin remembers his mother drinking and bringing home “random guys”—including one who tried to choke him. Rene lives on his own and is failing most of his courses.

Enter the world of boxing. As Melvin and Rene push themselves through one gruelling workout after another (push-ups, skipping, sparring), they slowly come to understand that boxing is more a way of life than a sport. You don’t box. You become a boxer—someone whose life is governed by discipline and respect.

But boxing alone may not be enough to overcome a lifetime of figurative hard knocks. Melvin is committed to graduating and completing post-secondary studies. Rene is feeling more and more disillusioned with school. With Baleski in their corner, can they make it?

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    David Christensen
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  • candrews2014

    A great film that can inspire anyone to achieve their goals in life.

    candrews2014, 23 Mai 2014