Through My Thick Glasses

In Pjotr Sapegin's animated short, an old man tells his granddaughter of his experiences during the Second World War in an effort to distract her while putting on her winter hat. The tall tale is filled with strange characters, surprising plot twists and a world far beyond the little girl's comprehension. Using clay animation, the director takes a true story and gives it a tongue-in-cheek treatment. The film is dedicated to his mother.


  • jaydubya

    «"And now, you must go out, and play." Beautiful. Reminds me of what I dream my Opa was like with me as a child.» — jaydubya, 28 Mai 2011

  • coquinadaily

    «Excellent in every regard.» — coquinadaily, 30 Mai 2010

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Générique du film

Pjotr Sapegin
David Reiss-Andersen
Marcel Jean
Pjotr Sapegin
David Reiss-Andersen
Normand Roger
conception sonore
Normand Roger
Odd Borretzen
Sossen Krohg
Janne Hansen
Pjotr Sapegin
Chantal Masson
Kaja Wright Polmar
Marte Stensen
Simen Gengenbach
montage sonore
Pierre Yves Drapeau
Hakon Lammetun
Jean Paul Vialard
Serge Boivin

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