Sisters in the Struggle

This short documentary features Black women active in politics as well as community, labour and feminist organizing. They share their insights and personal testimonies on the double legacy of racism and sexism, linking their personal struggles with the ongoing battle to end systemic discrimination and violence against women and people of colour.


  • Mameka

    «II totally agree with these sisters in the struggle. It doesn't matter what skin colour or race we come from, all women should join in equal participation to end sexism and racism wherever we are.» — Mameka, 15 Mai 2011

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Générique du film

Dionne Brand
Ginny Stikeman
Ginny Stikeman
Joan Hutton
Moira Simpson
Zoe Dirse
Susan Trow
Diane Carrière
Margaret Wong
montage sonore
Danuta Klis
Faith Nolan

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