Maq and the Spirit of the Woods

Maq and the Spirit of the Woods

                                Maq and the Spirit of the Woods
| 8 min

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This animated short tells the story of Maq, a Mi'kmaq boy who realizes his potential with the help of inconspicuous mentors. When an elder in the community offers him a small piece of pipestone, Maq carves a little person out of it. Proud of his work, the boy wants to impress his grandfather and journeys through the woods to find him. Along the path Maq meets a curious traveller named Mi'gmwesu. Together they share stories, medicine, laughter, and song. Maq begins to care less about making a good impression and more about sharing the knowledge and spirit he's found through his creation. Part of the Talespinners collection, which uses vibrant animation to bring popular children's stories from a wide range of cultural communities to the screen.

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  • réalisateur
    Phyllis Grant
  • None
    Phyllis Grant
    Pierre Yves Drapeau
    Pierre Yves Drapeau
    Michel Dubeau
    Jason Smalridge
    Catherine Lafortune
    Neerajkumar Patel
    Jason Grant
    Jason Lee
    Jean-Marc Brosseau
    Pierre Landry
  • écriture
    Phyllis Grant
  • raconteur
    Gilbert Sewell
  • musique originale
    Normand Roger
  • conception sonore
    Normand Roger
  • chanteur
    Gilbert Sewell
  • assistance à l'animation
    Lillian Chan
    Stephanie Duong
    Rick Knowles
  • spécialiste en imagerie numérique
    Susan Gourley
    Benoît Chagnon
  • infographie principale
    Randall Finnerty
  • images - scènes réelles
    John Walker
  • interprète
    River Caplin
    Christopher Grant
    Felicia Grant
    Tristan Grant
    Ava Sewell
  • montage en ligne
    Denis Gathelier
  • enregistrement voix
    Ralf Cassidy Bindels
    Alex Salter
  • ré-enregistrement
    Luc Léger
  • titres
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • coordination technique
    Patricia Coughran
    Samuel Lambert
    Julie Laperrière
    Richard Lesage
    Jelena Popovic
  • administration du studio
    John William Lutz
    Gisèle Guilbault
    Rosalina Di Sario
  • mise en marché
    Hélène Tanguay
    Melissa Wheeler
  • producteur exécutif
    Kent Martin
    David Verrall
  • producteur
    Kent Martin
    Michael Fukushima

  • Hernan

    Really nice tale. Excellent music and animation.

    Hernan, 26 Nov 2010