The Giant

This animated short tells the story of Edouard Beaupré, a.k.a. the Willow Bunch Giant. At 2.5 m (8’ 3”), he was the tallest Canadian in history. Born in 1881 in a small Métis community south of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, his life was tragically cut short in 1904 while he was “on display” at the St. Louis World’s Fair.

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Denis Nokony
Denis Nokony
Charles Konowal
Charles Konowal
producteur exécutif
Ches Yetman
Ken Mitchell
Lorne Bailey
montage sonore
Carol Wenaus
Clive Perry
Wilfrid Dubé


  • piaka

    «It is terribly sad when people get exploited. It is nice for Edouard to be poignantly remembered by those who loved him. I love what his aunt says, to heal the family pain. I had never heard of him before.» — piaka, 9 Mar 2011

  • wireguy

    «During the early 70's, I had the privilege of viewing Mr. Beaupre's mortal remains, as they stood in a tall glass display case at the Universite de Montreal, all stored in a small locked room. His skin was leather-like and he was standing upright. Indeed quite a sight to behold. A true giant of a man. I had never heard of any reference to him until now, other than what I had researched myself. A true pity that he had to endure the various indignities during his life, and even after his death. I still consider it to have been an honor to have born witness to the remains of this unique man. » — wireguy, 3 Fév 2011

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