For Angela

This short film portrays the experiences of Rhonda Gordon and her daughter, Angela, when a simple bus ride changes their lives in an unforeseeable way. When they are harassed by three boys, Rhonda finds the courage to take a unique and powerful stance against ignorance and prejudice. What ensues is a dramatic story of racism and empowerment.

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  • réalisateur
    Nancy Trites Botkin
    Daniel Prouty
  • producteur
    Nancy Trites Botkin
    Joe MacDonald
  • producteur exécutif
    Ches Yetman
  • écriture
    Daniel Prouty
  • photographie
    Charles Lavack
  • son
    David Husby
  • montage
    Kelly Saxberg
  • montage sonore
    Carol Wenaus
  • ré-enregistrement
    John Schritt
  • musique
    Norman Dugas
  • interprète
    Tina Keeper
    Tiffany Peters
    Drew Vodrey
    Lee J. Campbell
    James Miller
    Tony L. Clark
    Blake Taylor

For Angela
Autres options
  • GitcheWaboose

    This was made almost ten years ago and we are still facing the same stereotypical attitudes and acts of racism. We, as Anishnawbek have started to internalize this hatred that has been perpetutated against us since colonialism. There is an increase of suicides and violence in our communiities. Let us strive to take back the ancestral teachings of love and pride; and instill it in our children.

    GitcheWaboose, 25 Mai 2012
  • Jimmy

    This actually hurts to watch , i learned a lot from this , and knowing its my cousin Tina doing this makes me feel Pretty Great

    Jimmy, 24 Oct 2011
  • sweetshirley

    This is a compelling film and actually hurts to watch. In my view it could/should be mandatory viewing in schools. One would hope that the most callous seeming child would be touched by it and learn from it.....

    sweetshirley, 20 Oct 2011
  • Angela

    I was 12 years old when this happened, I am 34 now and still remember when my mother and I were sitting at a St James bus stop waiting to catch a 24 Ness. I remember the remarks each one of them said to us, and I remember even though my mom asked them to stop they still continued. I know this film very well! The boys may of not been suspended but they were lucky to spend the day with my mom and Gordon Sinclair, that was their punishment. My mom wanted to teach them a lesson to teach them she is human like every body else. She took them to her work at CBC Information Radio and had a oppurtunity to sit and talk with her and then she took them to the core area to visit a native social services agency. Afterwards they were invited to visit with Gordon Sinclair to open responses he received from the column he wrote about my mom and I. During her visit she may of been trying to teach each one of them a lesson but at the same time she was doing this for me, she was doing it "For Angela"

    Angela, 27 Sep 2011
  • kertin

    I enjoyed the film. Although some of it was painful to watch, I feel that their approach to punishing/helping the boys was really enlightened and the most effective. People are racist/sexist/discriminative of insecurities, alienation, or a lack of understanding. We come together in peace through understanding.

    kertin, 1 Jui 2011
  • NativeFilmFan

    I know this film well! Nothing really happened to that racist kid ... all that happened was that he got called into the principal's office for a little stern talk, that's all. He wasn't suspended from school like he should have been! That's what burned me up the most ... because the idiot kid didn't get suspended!!

    NativeFilmFan, 25 Mai 2011
  • raynebrass

    - I liked this film, cause The mother spoke up too the 1 boy who was making fun of her culture, and for her daughter who cut of her brades cause she didnt want too be indian anymore,

    raynebrass, 4 Oct 2010
  • EchoKennedy-Gladue

    I enjoyed the film because of the message being sent in this viewers watching this video about some of the people going through the same things Angela and her mother are going through and all the stereotyping and racism in this film and how some people having to deal with the after effect of racism and stereotyping and how they deal with it. The boy Ian harassing Angela and her mother about there skin colour and stereotyping on what he knows about there culture and they are just normal human beings just like him. He might not understand the after effect and how they must feel about what he has said towards them. Why hasn’t racism stopped?

    EchoKennedy-Gladue, 4 Oct 2010
  • DerekMurphy

    -Did you enjoy the film? Why or why not? No, because I felt sorry for Angela when the teenage boys were bullying her, and her Mother Rhonda. I didn't like it when she cut her hair off, to not show her identity of what she was; an Indian. (No offense). -Describe a situation that you've seen or experienced that's similar to Angela's? I haven't been in a situation, or seen a situation similar to Angela's, but I have heard people saying racist jokes to each other, and didn't really mean it in a bad or wrong way. - What do you think should happen to Ian? Do you think he understands the results of his actions towards Rhonda and Angela? I think Ian should get suspended for one week, and I don't think he realized how much he offended Rhonda and Angela. -What is one question you have regarding the film or racism? One question I have regarding racism is why did we start up racism in the first place? We are all human beings in this world, no matter what colour of skin we have. Why should we have to put up with racism now? We have already dealt with this in the past. If some people are wondering why I put this on here, it's because I have to do it for my English11A Class. I'm in Grade 11 at Martin Collegiate, if you were wanting to know what school I go to, and what class I'm doing this for.

    DerekMurphy, 4 Oct 2010

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