Wapos Bay: As Long as the River Flows

Wapos Bay: As Long as the River Flows

                                    Wapos Bay: As Long as the River Flows
| 23 min

In this episode from the Wapos Bay series, T-Bear becomes a hero when he campaigns to raise money for more elder programs in Wapos Bay, as Talon has suggested. Talon becomes jealous after T-Bear get all the attention and does not mention him. T-Bear must learn to give credit where credit is due.

Wapos Bay is a stop-motion animation series that follows the adventures of 3 kids from a Cree community in northern Saskatchewan.

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  • voix
    Gordon Tootoosis
    Taylor Cook
    Eric Jackson
    Raven Brass
    Lorne Cardinal
    Andrea Menard
    Trevor Cameron
    Joseph Naytowhow
    DerRic Starlight
    Angus Vincent
    Mervin Brass
    Cheryl McKenzie
    Danny Grummett
  • compositeur de la musique
    Ross Nykiforuk
  • monteur
    Jennifer Prokop
  • directeur de la photographie
    Alan Poon
  • producteur
    Dennis Jackson
    Melanie Jackson
    Anand Ramayya
    Derek Mazur
  • *
    Dennis Jackson
  • réalisateur
    Dennis Jackson
  • producteur exécutif
    Derek Mazur
  • chef scénariste
    Dennis Jackson
  • supervision de l'animation
    Cam Lizotte
  • animateur principal
    Andrew Doll
  • *
    Diana Gossner
    Gilbert Baldhead
    Stacy Kulyk
    Carll Machiskinic
    Bentley Poochay
    Justin Scales
    Diana Savage
  • design des personnages
    Carll Machiskinic
    Bentley Poochay
  • *
    Amalie Atkins
    Daryl Pierce
    Randy Woods
  • effets sonores
    Daryl Pierce
    Randy Woods
  • mixeur du repiquage
    Evan Rust