Spare Change

This animation short by Ryan Larkin (Walking, Street Musique, etc.) recounts some “comical experiences” Larkin had during his many years as a panhandler in Montreal. It tells the story of Astral Pan, a street beggar (voiced by Larkin himself), who takes us on a wild journey from the sidewalks of a wintry Montreal day, to the gates of Heaven and Hell and back. The great filmmaker passed away before finishing his film. Spare Change was completed by a friend, producer and singer-songwriter Laurie Gordon, assisted by a team of young, devoted animators.

Original music by Laurie Gordon's band Chiwawa, featuring the single "Do It For Me."

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  • Felipe_Carrelli

    «the true artist can draw from their daily lives, no matter how ordinary it is, his art. » — Felipe_Carrelli, 13 Déc 2011

  • tsitra

    «great creative work and kudos to Laurie Gordon who never stop believing in Ryan. Quite the friend!» — tsitra, 24 Jul 2011

  • RussP

    «He really was a genius.» — RussP, 3 Nov 2010

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Générique du film

Ryan Larkin
réalisation initiale
Ryan Larkin
Ryan Larkin
Ryan Larkin
Laurie Gordon
conception sonore
Laurie Gordon
Marcy Page
Ryan Larkin
Krassy Halatchev
Laurie Gordon
Satellite Records Canada
Geoffrey Mitchell
prise de vue réelle
Ryan Larkin

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