Remembering Arthur

Remembering Arthur

| 1 h 29 min

In this feature length documentary, filmmaker Arthur Lipsett's close friend Martin Lavut documents the influence of the eccentric Oscar-nominated film genius. The world of cinema tragically lost Lipsett in 1986 when the Montreal-born artist committed suicide 2 weeks before his 50th birthday. This feature documentary celebrates the life and legacy of one of Canada's greatest creative minds, who began his filmmaking career at the NFB.

Remembering Arthur by Martin Lavut is also a great documentary about Lipsett's work/life from the perspective of people who were closest to him...

David Bryant
De la sélection : David Bryant (Godspeed You! Black Emperor)

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Remembering Arthur , Martin Lavut, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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    Martin Lavut
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    Martin Lavut
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  • 21-87

    This is a terrific film about a terrific artist. Highly recommended.

    21-87, 29 Jui 2011