Organic Prophecies

Organic Prophecies

| 43 min

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Windmill Point Farm is a 70-acre island of hope in a sea of industrial agribusinesses that poison the surrounding land. Dr. Ken Taylor is an organic farmer with a PhD in chemistry, a degree that gives him unusual authority when assessing the damage we are doing to ourselves and to the environment by buying genetically engineered and pesticide-laden food.

Organic Prophecies chronicles one man's innovative approaches on a farm in southwestern Quebec. Not only does Ken farm without GMOs, chemical fertilizers and herbicides, he also grows thousands of heirloom nuts, vegetables and fruits, helping to preserve our vital heritage.

We also meet some of the customers who buy his organic produce--people who depend upon it for healthy food and peace of mind. This film makes prophetic statements about the sorry state of conventional agriculture and the viable alternatives.

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Organic Prophecies, Ryan Young, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Ryan Young
  • producteur
    Ryan Young
  • musique
    Kirk MacGeachy
    Dave Gossage
  • montage sonore
    Luc Bourgeois
  • caméra
    Ryan Young
    Paul Cairns
    Regan Morin
    Melinda Zytaruk
    Danielle Schami