Kosovo: Fragile Peace

This feature documentary offers a rare glimpse into the frontlines of democracy building through the eyes of a Canadian mother and her daughter. In the heart of Kosovo, an international mission struggles to bring democracy to a land torn apart by bloodshed. There, Canadian lawyer Carolyn McCool works to build bridges between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs, while her 20-year-old daughter Kate travels with a musical roadshow to generate grassroots support for the election among the youth.


Moira Simpson
Moira Simpson
directeur de la photographie
Moira Simpson
prise de son
Moira Simpson
Tracey Friesen
Debra Rurak
Dennis Burke
supervision sonore
Gael MacLean
Holly Burke
monteur effets sonores
Patrick Haskill
mixeur du repiquage
Bill Sheppard
Dean Giammarco
Cinesonic Productions Inc.
producteur exécutif
Graydon McCrea


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