It's a Crime

It's a Crime

| 12 min

This animated short uses humour to demonstrate how the problem of seasonal employment could be mitigated if industry made use of the increased labour supply during winter lay-offs. Luckily, we have an expert to guide us through the process – a gentleman thief and safecracker, whose highly skilled profession gives him a lot of insight into business… and safes.

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It's a Crime, Wolf Koenig, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

Largeur de la vidéo :

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  • animation
    Gerald Potterton
  • conte
    Roman Kroitor
  • maquette
    Colin Low
  • design
    Colin Low
  • réalisateur
    Wolf Koenig
  • cadrages
    Dino Rigolo
    Pierre L'Amare
    Sidney Goldsmith
  • assistant
    Obaid Ul Haque
  • caméra
    Douglas Poulter
    James Wilson
  • commentaire
    Guy Glover
  • enregistrement sonore
    Joseph Champagne
  • musique
    Eldon Rathburn
  • None
    Ernst Naser
  • producteur
    Tom Daly