Foster Child

In this documentary, filmmaker Gil Cardinal searches for his biological family to try and understand how he ended up in foster care as an infant. In his search, Cardinal encounters frustration and loss, but eventually finds answers and a new appreciation of his Métis culture.

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Gil Cardinal
Jerry Krepakevich
producteur exécutif
Tom Radford
Graydon McCrea
James Jeffrey
Alan Bibby
Alan Bibby
montage sonore
Gerald K. Wilson
Barry P. Jones


  • Kish

    «Why can't I view any films that was downloaded in my playlist? Do I have to buy these first?» — Kish, 15 Jan 2013

  • yuallthetime

    «I kept rooting for Gil to not be afraid to go forward. Thinking about how old he would be now. Did this search make him a better husband and father and possibly grandfather? How did this change his life? Was he more grounded? Did he feel safe to share who he really was inside and love deeper with the joy of a connecting bond? Did Gil keep in contact with his found relatives? So many questions that only another documentary could answer. Thank you for sharing this intimate path of discovery Gil. » — yuallthetime, 23 Jan 2010

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