Flemingdon Park: The Global Village

Flemingdon Park: The Global Village

| 47 min

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This documentary examines the history and current reality of Toronto’s Flemingdon Park. Now a subsidized housing project, it was built in 1961 as a trendy urban utopia. A decade later it was sold, and Flemingdon became home to refugees and new immigrants. Once a model of urban planning, Flemingdon Park's flip side is a history of violence and racism that residents have fought to overcome. Yet despite challenges, the community succeeds in making people from around the world feel at home in a different kind of utopia–one where differences are celebrated and new visions are possible.

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Flemingdon Park: The Global Village, Andrew Faiz, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Andrew Faiz
  • producteur
    Gerry Flahive
  • monteur
    David Battistella
  • directeur de la photographie
    John Minh Tran
  • preneur de son
    Sanjay Mehta
    Robert Fletcher
  • None
    Orin Isaacs
    Peter Kambasis
    Antony Anderson
    David Battistella
    Sam Boyd
    Andrew Faiz
  • gérant de production
    Amanda Coles
  • monteur effets sonores
    Timothy Mehlenbacher
  • mixeur
    Steve Munro
    Timothy Mehlenbacher
  • machiniste de plateau
    Scott Burton
  • assistant de production
    Matthew Hunwicks
    David Chisholm
  • effets visuels
    David Battistella
  • design
    David Battistella
  • graphiques
    Dale Clark
  • en-ligne
    Andrew Mandziuk
  • photos
    David Griffith
  • recherche
    Tanya Fleet
    Elizabeth Klinck
    Meredith Martin
    Andrew Faiz
  • superviseur de production
    Kemp Archibald
  • assistant superviseur de production
    Mark Wilson
  • adjoint administratif à la production
    Lea Marin-Jara
  • administrateur de programme
    Ida Di Fruscia
  • adjoint administratif
    Joanne Forrest
  • producteur exécutif
    Louise Lore

  • Flemoboy

    Flemingdon Park is a true Canadian Mosaic. A hood…full of colors, languages, music, smells, ethnic clothes, strange and varied foods, families, friends, brotherhoods, roughness, softness, insults, compliments, dreams and occasional nightmares. In short, it is the "real" Canadian experience. It's the most multi-cultural mosaic on the planet and sets a standard of racial tolerance that cities around the World are now researching and trying to emulate (minus the crime). Anyone who grew up here knows what I'm talking about. Flemo boy forever.

    Flemoboy, 3 Fév 2014
  • Flemoboy

    I have lived in Flemingdon Park from 1968 to mid 1980s. It has always been a rough area. This is no Canadian Utopia, but I remember some friends who were refugees from Vietnam saying how great Flemingdon was, that his apartment was so big, sunny and a great view, that it was so safe because people weren't being shot on the side of the street. This little conversation changed my perspective completely. For what it's worth, growing up here made me the person I am. A strong multi-cultural citizen of that World that feels comfortable around any race, culture, religion or language. I (and I think many other Flemites) grew to understand the blessing of being initiated through the ranks of this groundbreaking community that is Flemingdon Park. FLEMO ROCKS!

    Flemoboy, 3 Fév 2014
  • FlemoParkResident

    I have lived In Flemingdon Park from 1995 to the Present and I can tell you that Flemingdon Park has a reputation for being one of the most violent areas in Toronto. But looking into the future, Flemingdon Park Is expanding a Justice System that Is decreasing the need for saying that Flemingdon Park is a danegorus area.

    FlemoParkResident, 8 Aoû 2012
  • adoborepublic

    I've lived in this area from 1997 to 2003 and I'd say it's the best place to be initiated in about living in Canada. It is so true that the area is a mosaic of different nationalities trying to live together with each other but most of all overcome the challenge of tolerance to each nationalities' differences. For me it is the whole world all in one place.

    adoborepublic, 8 Aoû 2010

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