Farewell Oak Street

This documentary presents a before-and-after picture of people in a large-scale public housing project in Toronto. Due to a housing shortage, they were forced to live in squalid, dingy flats and ramshackle dwellings on a crowded street in Regent Park North; now they have access to new, modern housing developments designed to offer them privacy, light and space.

Générique du film

Grant McLean
Gordon Burwash
Gordon Burwash
producteur exécutif
Guy Glover
Robert Humble
Clarke Daprato
Fergus McDonell
montage sonore
Kenneth Heeley-Ray
Lorne Greene
Eldon Rathburn
Roxanna Bond
Bonnie Brooks
Gerald Campbell
Eric Clavering
Andy Halmay
Cosie Lee
Edgar Marshall
Douglas Masters
Jim McRae
Kate Reid

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  • LordDufferin

    «Mom,grandma and me lived in a one room plus a small kitchen with an ice box in a rooming house. 2 bathrooms for 10 units on Pembrooke street. Moved into north Regent 1955 and was heaven for a 9 year old.Lived there 11 years and we took pride in this. When we moved out the drugs were coming in. 7 years later a hooker was murdered in my bedroom. I think when the east Asians moved in it was starting a comeback.Now they're tearing them down and building a mixed sterile community and being a prime development area I foresee eventually getting the poor out of here because there is no money to be made here.Living in Barrie I see the same thing happening. There is no money in building these units rather building a 20 floor condo generates more taxes and profits while half of these buyers mortgage themselves to death.SCREW THE POOR-WHO NEEDS PUBLIC HOUSING-LET THEM IT FOOD BANK CAKE! » — LordDufferin, 4 Nov 2012

  • Shawn

    «Wonderful film. I now live in the same neighbourhood in Montreal that my mom's family couldn't wait to move out of. A single floor in my 100-year old condo triplex is worth more than the suburban home I was raised in! How times and attitudes change...» — Shawn, 3 Oct 2011

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