Wild Life (Clip 2)

Wild Life (Clip 2)

The NFB’s 72nd Oscar®-nominated film.

In 1909, a dapper young remittance man is sent from England to Alberta to attempt ranching. However, his affection for badminton, bird watching and liquor leaves him little time for wrangling cattle. It soon becomes clear that nothing in his refined upbringing has prepared him for the harsh conditions of the New World. This animated short is about the beauty of the prairie, the pang of being homesick and the folly of living dangerously out of context.

Canadian Film Institute Award for Best Canadian Animation 2011

Albert Ohayon
De la sélection : Ottawa International Animation Festival Award Winners
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  • réalisateur
    Amanda Forbis
    Wendy Tilby
  • interprète
    Adam Blackwood
    Luba Goy
    Anthony Bekenn
    Keith Dinicol
    Colin Fox
    Nonnie Griffin
    Ben Carlson
    Amy Rutherford
  • distribution artistique
    Gail Carr
  • musique originale
    Judith Gruber-Stitzer
  • supervision du son
    Patrick Butler
  • montage
    Patrick Butler
  • montage sonore
    Brent Planiden
  • enregistrement du bruitage
    Andy Malcolm
  • peinture supplémentaire
    Deborah Tilby
    Corinne Dickson
    Val Nelson
  • animation additionnelle
    Stephen McCallum
    Olivier Masson
  • infographie
    Brandon Blommaert
    Fred Casia
  • None
    Brandon Blommaert
    Fred Casia
    Kelly Clarkson
    Geoffrey Mitchell
    Mathieu Leroux
    Don Murnaghan
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • consultation en imagerie numérique
    Randall Finnerty
    Susan Gourley
    Pierre Plouffe
  • montage en ligne
    Yannick Carrier
  • titres
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • enregistrement de la musique
    Geoffrey Mitchell
    Mathieu Leroux
    Don Murnaghan
  • enregistrement voix
    Ron Mellegers
    Thillaye Productions
    Jonathan Cook
    Ryan Aktari
  • prise de son au bruitage
    David J. Taylor
  • voix
    Russell De Carle
  • recherche de documents d'archives
    Elizabeth Klinck
    Sylvia Mezei
  • droits
    Elizabeth Klinck
    Sylvia Mezei
  • coordination technique
    Steve Hallé
    Julie Laperrière
  • coordination de la production
    Marie-Christine Nadon
    Elaine Largie
    Lysanne Fortier
  • administration
    Gisèle Guilbault
    Darin Clausen
  • mise en marché
    Julie Armstrong-Boileau
  • producteur
    Marcy Page
    Bonnie Thompson
  • producteur exécutif
    David Christensen
    David Verrall

Wild Life (Clip 2)
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  • bokofinn

    Love the style the animators used in this excellent short. Truly inspirational, the bullet scene for me is top work. I love the boil, timing and the narration is fantastic. A note to user SQUIGGLES, this is without doubt a top piece of animation, your opinion is shocking obviously you have no artistic eye.

    bokofinn, 25 Avr 2015
  • stephanckdt

    Yep, was in the paper -- disappointing :(

    stephanckdt, 28 Jan 2012
  • stephanckdt

    Yep, disappointing :(

    stephanckdt, 28 Jan 2012
  • J-Fry

    Did anyone else come here directed by media press about the nominated film expecting it to be STREAMING as the media releases say? http://www.timescolonist.com/entertainment/movie-guide/Animator+earns+Oscar/6054215/story.html

    J-Fry, 26 Jan 2012
  • Meaghan

    Loved the worker-bee washer woman character marching off the harvest: "I very worry for him...". Haha! So Great! Can the next 5 years be dedicated to an animation about her?

    Meaghan, 25 Jan 2012
  • Akhenaten

    Canadian short film makers have pretty big boots to fill so I was expecting this to be top drawer, but this exceeds even lofty expectations. Simple but provoking and compelling. I don't know, it's the proverbial, "I laughed. I cried.", in 13 minutes and 30 seconds. What you do say about a medium that can do that?

    Akhenaten, 25 Jan 2012
  • canusa2

    This had to be much like the situation my Aunt Margaret found herself in when she was wooed and married an English gentry/ trapper. She and Uncle Frank established a home site now known as Hall's Landing in Alberta. They had many stirring adventures - some documented in photographs of the day. It was a severe contrast to their upbringing and preparation. It was a testament to the strength and determination of character they brought to their new situation.

    canusa2, 24 Jan 2012
  • Swimmer

    swimmer-I found the film profound in many ways, but first and foremost, why parents want to protect their children and prepare them for the unknown. And secondly, why it is unwise to start off on adventure without any preparation, even if you do think you are "entitled".

    Swimmer, 21 Jan 2012
  • vandahl

    Loved it! A wonderful little tale, left me yearning for more truly Canadian stories. Great work on the sound!

    vandahl, 20 Jan 2012
  • sevenstreets

    Beautiful and so touching. Adding to my home collection.

    sevenstreets, 19 Jan 2012
  • squiggles

    I don't get it...silly ...poor art work....why waste your time?

    squiggles, 18 Jan 2012
  • Kevin

    This was a fine film; it was brief but sad. The artistic representation of wildlife was excellent!

    Kevin, 18 Jan 2012
  • Jaypek

    Love the story and the animation. Best of luck at the Genies!

    Jaypek, 18 Jan 2012
  • Verica

    Beautiful, beautiful film. Thank you for sharing it!

    Verica, 18 Jan 2012
  • Jane007

    I love this film! It is so beautiful right down to the flowers on the teacup. I can like a short film and then there are those that I will watch over and over again and never get bored with them. Wild LIfe has that magic for me, will enjoy for years to come. Thank you.

    Jane007, 10 Jan 2012

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