The Suspects

The Suspects

| 29 min

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This short drama highlights the importance of police officers maintaining a compassionate understanding of the people they both police and protect. A teenage boy and girl are falsely accused of robbing a fur warehouse. The investigating detective tries to bully a confession from them, but the police chief knows that the detective is acting beyond his mandate. The chief eventually intervenes, thereby underlining the extent of the investigator's inappropriate behaviour.

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The Suspects, Bernard Devlin, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Bernard Devlin
  • producteur
    Julian Biggs
  • scénario
    Fernand Dansereau
  • photographie
    Georges Dufaux
  • son
    Michel Belaieff
  • montage
    Dennis Sawyer
  • montage sonore
    Stuart Baker
  • interprète
    Shirley Knight
    Martin Lavut
    Henri Poulin
    Arthur Leonard
    Paul Arno
    Jack Raskin