The Summer of '67

The Summer of '67


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This feature documentary follows up on 2 important NFB documentaries that captured the turbulent year of 1967, a time when social and cultural revolution, as well as generational change, were on everyone’s mind. The first, Christopher’s Movie Matinée, followed the travels of 14 Toronto teenagers over the course of the summer, while the second, Flowers on a One-way Street, documented the conflict between the hippies of the day and Toronto City Council, over the future of the Yorkville neighbourhood, then Canada's counter-culture capital. More than 2 decades later, the filmmakers have sought out some of the films' participants, not as an exercise in nostalgia but to discover what traces remain in the lives of those who most deeply felt the impact of the '60s

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The Summer of '67, Albert Kish et Donald Winkler, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Albert Kish
    Donald Winkler
  • producteur
    Albert Kish
  • montage
    Albert Kish
  • producteur exécutif
    Don Haig
  • scénario
    Donald Winkler
  • caméra
    Jim Aquila
    Steve Anderson
    Dave Brotherton
    Scott Brown
  • son
    John Martin
    Danny Dimitroff
    John Hawkins
  • montage sonore
    Sylvie Masse
    Scott Lutes
  • ré-enregistrement
    Louis Hone

  • Mr Bohemian

    as I watch this almost 30rty years on in summer of 2021, I realize that these people are now in their 70's and older and wonder how many of them are still a live.

    Mr Bohemian, 9 Jul 2021