Song of the Paddle

Song of the Paddle

                                Song of the Paddle
| 40 min

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This documentary features outdoorsman Bill Mason and his family as they camp and canoe in the wilderness. The film fosters an appreciation for the art of canoeing while celebrating the sheer joy and beauty of nature. Along their trip, the Masons experience countless adventures and some breathtaking scenery, including indigenous rock carvings by Lake Superior.

Mason had envisaged shooting three instructional films on canoeing and one on canoe-camping. The instructional series would eventually be expanded to four films (Path of the Paddle) and Mason would work with his wife and children to make Song of the Paddle to share their love of canoe-camping. The film won three Etrogs (the Canadian film awards precursor to the Genies) in the non-feature film category for direction, cinematography and sound editing. Mason would also release a book bearing the same title, which the press dubbed “a philosophical guide to outdoor living.”

Albert Ohayon
De la sélection : Bill Mason: Beyond the wild, beyond the paddle

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Song of the Paddle, Bill Mason, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • A Northern Woman

    This film is a serene and nostalgic trip to the place I'll always call home.

    A Northern Woman, 26 Mar 2019
  • stewarty1

    where can i get amp3 download of the introduction to film song great film

    stewarty1, 2 Jul 2014
  • uwasawaya

    This family's adventure was totally inspiring; I live in The Big Mitten and exploring the shores of Lake Superior is still an unfulfilled dream. I am definitely making Thunder Bay a stop along the journey, traveling the northern route around to Duluth. Thanks for sharing this beautiful documentary.

    uwasawaya, 2 Aoû 2013
  • Sammyg

    I want to jam with my family in next to a lake! Gorgeous people.

    Sammyg, 23 Avr 2010
  • OneWildWest

    Wonderful as always.

    OneWildWest, 12 Mar 2010
  • OneWildWest

    Wonderful as always.

    OneWildWest, 12 Mar 2010