Some Kind of Arrangement

Some Kind of Arrangement

| 45 min

In this documentary, the age-old tradition of arranged marriages takes a modern twist when 3 second-generation South Asian young people decide to marry. Engaging and refreshingly candid in their opinions, they make it clear that arranged marriages aren't what they used to be.

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  • producteur
    Geeta Sondhi
    Karen King-Chigbo
    Gerry Flahive
    Claire Prieto
  • réalisateur
    Ali Kazimi
  • montage
    Nick Hector
  • producteur exécutif
    Louise Lore
  • directeur de la photographie
    Ali Kazimi
  • None
    Ihor Macijiwsky
    Tina Hahn
    Nisha Pahuja
    MPI Productions Limited
    Trackworks Inc.
    Chris Warren
    Stephan Fraticelli
    Wende Bartley
    Kiran Ahluwalia
    Ravi Naimpally
    Raya Bidaye
    Ernie Toller
    John D.S. Adams
  • preneur de son
    Justine Pimlott
    Jeff Carter
    Brian Dupuis
    Helmut Hupfl
    Lisa Kolisnyk
    David Mackenzie
    Gordon Ross
    David Vitale
  • superviseur de production
    Marike Emery
  • recherche additionnelle
    Gila Bell
    Preet Chandhoke
    Prem Gill
    Sartaj Khalsa
    Amrita Sondhi
    Kalyani Vittala
  • assistant de production
    Zan Chandler
  • supervision de la postproduction
    Robin Bicknell
  • assistant monteur
    Wyeth Clarkson
  • coloration
    Joanne Rourke
  • montage son
    Steve Munro
    Tim Roberts
    Colin Baxter
  • ré-enregistrement
    Steve Munro
  • publicité
    Genevieve Kierans
  • agent de publicité
    Philip Louis
  • photographie de plateau
    Rob Davidson
    Paul Fairweather
    Tina Hahn
    Kiran Panchal
    Victor Wong
  • comptable de production
    Miriam Pecorsky
  • services juridiques
    John Duncan & Assoc.
  • assurance de production
    Thompson, Thomspon Entertainment Insu...

  • jardine.shelly

    i wonder if there will be an update an update film would be nice.

    jardine.shelly, 25 Avr 2015
  • GAZ4gary

    That was yet another wonderful nfb contribution to building rightful pride in Canada.....still a public voice for what is good and decent questing of our developing humanity. I feel proud to live in a country that still has this national culture. But will the present government allow it to live? I fear not.

    GAZ4gary, 27 Aoû 2012
  • cweldon

    @moe_baller Can you describe the problem you are experiencing? The film is working on our end. Did you try streaming a lower quality version? The quality tab is located on the lower left corner of the player. It may help to select "LOW".

    cweldon, 6 Mai 2011
  • moe_baller

    the film is not working... i neeedd to watch it for an exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    moe_baller, 6 Mai 2011