Showa Shinzan

Showa Shinzan

| 12 min

This animated film tells the story of a young Japanese girl's relationship with her grandfather, a postmaster and amateur geologist. When the neighboring Mount Usu erupts during World War II, he records its activity. As he witnesses the birth of a new mountain named Showa Shinzan, he transcends the misery and folly of war that surrounds them and teaches his granddaughter a valuable lesson about life. Evoking the tradition of Bunraku puppetry, this animated film is based on actual events.

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    Alison Reiko Loader
    Denis Chartrand
    Emiko Toguchi
    Denis Chartrand
    Emiko Toguchi
    Nancy Tatebe
    Hiroko Okata
  • réalisation
    Alison Reiko Loader
  • animation
    Alison Reiko Loader
  • écriture
    Hiromi Goto
    Jesse Nishihata
  • narration voix
    Brenda Kamino
  • musique originale
    Normand Roger
  • conception sonore
    Normand Roger
  • animation additionnelle
    Paul Morstad
    Jean-Jacques Tremblay
  • spécialiste en imagerie numérique
    Normand Gauthier
    Susan Gourley
  • montage image
    Hannele Halm
  • montage sonore
    Pierre Yves Drapeau
  • enregistrement voix
    Patrick Viegas
  • ré-enregistrement
    Shelley Craig
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • coordonnateur postproduction
    Richard Lesage
  • administrateur de programme
    Gisèle Guilbault
  • producteur exécutif
    David Verrall
  • producteur
    Michael Fukushima