Peoples of the Skeena

Peoples of the Skeena

| 14 min

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This short film from 1949 introduces us to the Gitxsan and Tsimshian First Nations of northern British Columbia. These peoples of the Skeena River exist in two worlds. Ancient totem poles tower against the mountains and the forests, old graveyards reveal fragments of shared history, and traditional crafts are still practiced on the reserves. But in the school games, in a wedding complete with white veil and white rice, and in the sawmill, we see how other ways of life are being adopted.

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Peoples of the Skeena, , offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • producteur
    James Beveridge
  • caméra
    Howard T. Ennis
  • montage
    David Mayerovitch
  • musique
    Robert Fleming