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This documentary offers an engrossing portrait of Gene Harry, devoted husband, father, and foster father. He's also a Church Minister, champion dragon boat racer, long-boat canoe paddler, and Eagle Spirit Dancer in the traditional Salish Long House. In short, he's remarkable. And when he speaks, people listen. Discover why with this up-close look a the humble, yet charismatic, First Nations spiritual healer.

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  • réalisateur
    Gillian Darling
  • scénario
    Gillian Darling
  • producteur
    George Johnson
  • cinématographie
    Rudolf Kovanic
  • son
    Patrick Brereton
  • montage
    Shelly Hamer
  • montage sonore
    Marc Benoit
  • participation
    Eugene Harry
    Elgin Arnold
    Ashley Harry
    Willard Lewis
    William Nex
    Wendy Harry
    Calistea Harry
    Doris Paul
    Marvin Tom