One Little Indian

One Little Indian

| 15 min

This short puppet animation from the fifties tells the story of Magic Bow, an Indigenous boy endowed with magic gifts. Magic Bow is in the big city for the first time, thrilling audiences with his tricks at the Wild West Rodeo. Outside the arena, cars, trucks and buses zip by at dizzying speeds. With the help of some savvy city dwellers, Magic Bow learns a few important traffic rules to help him navigate the streets safely.

(Please note that this film was produced in 1954 and reflects the attitudes and thinking of its era. To modern audiences, parts of the film may be perceived as offensive, but it must be seen as a cultural product of the era in which it was produced. The perspectives of Canadians (and the NFB) have evolved and become more conscious of Indigenous rights, realities and points of view since the making of the film. Through its rich collection of Indigenous-made films, available at Indigenous Cinema , the NFB continues to strive to challenge stereotypes about Indigenous people and accurately depict the diverse experiences of Indigenous communities. )

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One Little Indian, Grant Munro, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Grant Munro
  • producteur
    Colin Low
    Tom Daly
  • commentaire
    Stanley Jackson
  • photographie
    Herb Taylor
  • montage
    Douglas Tunstell
  • montage sonore
    Don Wellington
  • musique
    Eldon Rathburn