Once upon a Prime Time

Once upon a Prime Time

                                Once upon a Prime Time
| 17 min

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This short fictional film is a zany spoof of TV content with plenty of violence borrowed from the very source it seeks to parody. Our protagonist is a housewife who has lost her family to the television set. Suddenly, her home is invaded and her life is taken over by characters that seem to spring from the V screen. Initially, she attempts to get the intruders out of her house. But eventually, she begins to see that perhaps a life on TV wouldn’t be so bad after all. Will her distracted husband even notice her departure?

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Once upon a Prime Time, Bernard Devlin, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

Largeur de la vidéo :

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  • réalisateur
    Bernard Devlin
  • producteur
    David Bairstow
  • écriture
    Stan Daniels
  • photographie
    Jean Roy
    Thomas Vamos
  • son
    André Hourlier
  • montage
    Kathleen Shannon
  • montage sonore
    John Knight
  • ré-enregistrement
    Ron Alexander
    Roger Lamoureux
  • interprète
    Edward Allen
    Paul Berval
    Christien Delmas
    Basil Fitzgibbon
    Gilles Pellerin
    Joan Stuart
    John Vernon
    Tudi Wiggins
    Leslie Yeo
    Ted Zeigler
    Chris Wiggins
    Ned Conlon
    Roland Bédard