Natsik Hunting

Natsik Hunting

| 7 min

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25-year-old Mosha Michael made an assured directorial debut with this seven-minute short, a relaxed narration-free depiction of an Inuk seal hunt. Having participated in a 1974 Super 8 workshop in Frobisher Bay, Michael shot and edited the film himself. His voice can be heard on the appealing guitar-based soundtrack. Released in 1975, Natsik Hunting is believed to be Canada’s first Inuk-directed film.

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Natsik Hunting, Mosha Michael, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

Largeur de la vidéo :

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  • réalisateur
    Mosha Michael
  • caméra
    Mosha Michael
  • montage
    Mosha Michael
  • producteur
    Peter Raymont
    Wolf Koenig
  • musique
    Etulu Etioluie
    Mosha Michael