My Prairie Home

My Prairie Home

                                My Prairie Home
| 1 h 16 min

In this feature documentary-musical by Chelsea McMullan, indie singer Rae Spoon takes us on a playful, meditative and at times melancholic journey. Set against majestic images of the infinite expanses of the Canadian Prairies, the film features Spoon crooning about their queer and musical coming of age. Interviews, performances and music sequences reveal Spoon’s inspiring process of building a life of their own, as a trans person and as a musician.

Official selection at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

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  • réalisateur
    Chelsea McMullan
  • mettant en vedette
    Rae Spoon
  • producteur
    Lea Marin
  • directeur de la photographie
    Maya Bankovic
    Derek Howard
  • monteur
    Avril Jacobson
  • producteur exécutif
    Silva Basmajian
  • musique originale
    Rae Spoon
  • conception visuelle
    Leanne Mackay
  • *
    Alex Unger
    Kathie McKenna
    Noémie Lafrance
    Amanda Letang
  • conception des costumes
    Loretta Chin
  • recherchiste
    Ethan Cole
  • conception du décor
    Emmanuel Plougoulm
  • directeur artistique
    Paul Vernon
  • *
    Stephanie Dudley
  • montage son
    Jane Tattersall
  • enregistrement du bruitage
    Kathy Choi
  • mixeur du repiquage
    Stephan Carrier
    Graham Rogers

  • MelBennett

    My Prairie Home is a beautiful sensitive film that complicates gender through a combination of Spoon's autobiographical storytelling, her evocative contemplative music, and the alienating lonely Prairie landscape. A fine example of using a local individual story to examine larger issues of gender discrimination, religious baggage, and the difficulties of coming home. As well, the film possesses a quintessential NFB aesthetic that evokes how landscape shapes our identity as Canadians.

    MelBennett, 3 Jul 2014
  • JFrost

    I really enjoyed this touching, quirky, sweet and happysad film. Thanks. I will be looking for more from Jae and Chelsea in the future. I hope more get a chance to see this film.

    JFrost, 27 Jan 2014
  • ArthurM

    Thank you NFB for having this unique film/documentary available to screen.I really enjoyed learning about Rae Spoon, and I now consider myself a fan. The film seemed very creative, and I enjoyed the unique style that Chelsea McMullan utilized. I will watch for more work from her.

    ArthurM, 26 Jan 2014