Mudflats Living

Mudflats Living


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In this short documentary from the 70s, we get a glimpse of life inside an artistic community in the mudflats area of North Vancouver. An anti-establishment group, they live as squatters, rejecting drugs while practicing a philosophy of love for the universe. They also reject the values of mainstream society, as embodied by the mayor of North Vancouver, who wants to turn their “home” into a shopping centre.

Ce film contient des scènes de nudité et/ou de sexualité. Pour public averti.

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  • réalisateur
    Robert Fresco
    Kris Paterson
  • producteur
    Peter Jones
  • son
    Charlie Richmond
  • montage
    Sally Paterson

  • Fred83

    we should have listened to those hippies back then...

    Fred83, 25 Jui 2015