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A poem for the planet, Nova Ami and Velcrow Ripper's film Metamorphosis takes the pulse of our earth and bears witness to a moment of profound change: the loss of one world, and the birth of another. Metamorphosis captures the true scale of the global environmental crisis. Forest fires consume communities, species vanish, and entire ecosystems collapse. Economic growth, tied to increased speed of resource extraction, has created a machine with the capacity to destroy all life. But this crisis is also an opportunity for transformation. Through a tidal flow of stunning images, Metamorphosis carves a path from the present to the future, and offers a bold new vision for humanity and the world.

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  • mettant en vedette
    Nicky Kuautonga
    Donald Henderson
    Rick Erkeneff
    Kathy Jefferson-Bancroft
    Kate Bunney
    Tyler Stallings
    Dennis McClung
    Jodie Cook
    Joe Del Bosque
    Michael Reynolds
    Filka Sekulova
    Gianandrea Barreca
    Anna Bautista
    Diana Adams
    Homero Aridjis
    Jean-Paul Bourdier
    Ha Schult
  • recherchiste
    Rachel Judkins
  • *
    Nova Ami
  • superviseur de l'imagerie numérique
    Andrew Pascoe
  • superviseur du montage sonore
    Velcrow Ripper
  • *
    John Sievert
    Daniel Pellerin
  • supervision du mixage
    Daniel Pellerin
  • mixeur du repiquage
    Daniel Pellerin
    Jeremy Fong
    Bret Killoran
  • writer
    Nova Ami
    Velcrow Ripper
  • réalisateur
    Nova Ami
    Velcrow Ripper
  • producteur
    Lauren Grant
    Nova Ami
    Velcrow Ripper
    Bonnie Thompson
    David Christensen
  • producteur exécutif
    David Christensen
    John Bain
  • prise de vues
    Velcrow Ripper
    Grant Baldwin
  • monteur
    Eugene Weis
  • composer
    James Mark Stewart
  • concepteur du son
    Velcrow Ripper
  • mettant en vedette
    Sue Halpern
    Robert Jay Lifton
    Joshua Rubinstein
    Angel Wood
    Elizabeth Dunn
    Nathan Wood
    Jessie Wood
    Nikki Silvestri
    Massimo Boldrin
    Jane Da Mosto
    Jason deCaires Taylor