Impromptu (Clip)

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This short animation takes a look at the redemptive power of food, wine, music and love through the eyes of our protagonist, Chuck. A husband and father, Chuck is jovially cooking dinner and listening to Chopin when his wife Sylvie spontaneously invites a group of boisterous colleagues over for dinner. The festivities begin to spiral out of control, and Chuck must find his way through a planned diner à deux that has turned into pandemonium. Filmmaker Bruce Alcock follows the fine tradition of beloved food films such as Babette’s Feast, using the preparation of a meal as a vehicle for exploring the grand themes of love and life through simple yet evocative line drawings.


Bruce Alcock
Tina Ouellette
Annette Clarke
Michael Fukushima
Ed Riche
Bruce Alcock
Robert Joy
Otto Alcock
Liz Solo
Mary Lewis
Sean Panting
Brian Marler
Jane Dingle
direction artistique
Bruce Alcock
Cesare Battista
Bruce Alcock
Cesare Battista
Cesare Battista
conception sonore
Alex Hall
Wayne Kozak
Chris McIntosh
enregistrement sonore
Don Ellis
Scott Yates
Jean Paul Vialard
producteur exécutif
Tina Ouellette
Bruce Alcock
Ravida Din
Roddy McManus


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