The Girls of Meru

The Girls of Meru

                                The Girls of Meru
| 1 h 27 min

Over five years, acclaimed filmmaker Andrea Dorfman follows the heartbreaking yet uplifting story of the girls of Meru and their brave steps toward meaningful equality for girls worldwide.

In Kenya, one in three girls will experience sexual violence before age 18, yet police investigations are the exception. In The Girls of Meru, a multinational team led by Canadian lawyer Fiona Sampson and Tumaini Shelter head Mercy Chidi Baidoo builds the case of 11 girls to pursue an unheard of legal tactic. Together they created legal history.

Ce film traite d'un sujet controversé. Pour un public averti.

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  • écriture
    Andrea Dorfman
  • réalisateur
    Andrea Dorfman
  • monteur
    Angela Baker
  • directeur de la photographie
    Andrea Dorfman
  • animation
    Andrea Dorfman
  • musique originale
    Charles Austin
  • *
    Mélanie Gauthier
  • conception sonore
    Mélanie Gauthier
  • producteur
    Annette Clarke
  • preneur de son
    Ednah Bonareri
    Mike Filippov
    Daniel Hewett
    David Jalenga
    Danni Karania
  • narrateur
    Andrea Dorfman
  • enregistrement du bruitage
    Alexis Farand
  • ré-enregistrement
    Serge Boivin
  • producteur exécutif
    Annette Clarke