First Stories - Hooked Up NDNs Online

First Stories - Hooked Up NDNs Online

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For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples have gathered together on Turtle Island, and today's modern world is no exception because it offers a new way of socializing - the Internet.

Hooked Up is a fresh, inventive look at the Internet and asks us to consider this question: does the Web provide Indigenous people with a sense of community?

This short film finds single mother Michelle plunging into the often humorous world of online dating. As a newcomer relating her experiences through a video diary, she navigates the ins and outs of everything from how to build an alluring profile to deciphering Internet chat slang, to getting her webcam to actually work!

Along the way, Michelle learns that "Indians" (or NDNs) are, indeed, hooking up and reaching out - and friends are sometimes found in the least likely of places

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