First Stripes

First Stripes

                                First Stripes
| 1 h 46 min

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A group of civilians embark on 12 weeks of intensive training that will see them gradually transformed into soldiers of the Canadian Armed Forces. For the third instalment in his documentary series about the different stages of life, Jean-François Caissy offers a compelling portrait of the military experience, charting the paths of young adults who have made this singular career choice.

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First Stripes, Jean-François Caissy, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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    Jean-François Caissy
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    Jean-François Caissy
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    Jean-François Caissy
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    I went through Cornwallis NS basic in 1969. My son went through St Jean some 20+ years later, we drove down to St. Jean for his graduation. I agree with prior poster that training sure changed from Cornwallis days. Some things were the same, I particularly remember the "gas hut" experience. Basic training was a good experience for me and my son too I think. Enjoyed this film a lot, well shot, well written.

    None, 6 Jan 2021
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    Former infantry 2PPCLI here (80s) and I watched the whole thing with fascination. How the military has changed from the old days in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia! I don't hesitate to declare that basic training has improved and Canada is safer for it. Here is a list of improvements over the old system as this old grunt sees it. 1 - A heavy emphasis on infantry tactics for all trades and genders - everyone in two person fireteams, rappelling, fighting patrols, gas hut, etc. 2 - Tattooed women with smart phones. Wow. I am very proud to defend our country knowing how progressive we truly are. Oorah!! Great cinematography. Not a film for typical wannabe soldiers, rather a though provoking documentary.

    None, 7 Avr 2020
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    When is this film coming out?

    None, 31 Jan 2019