The Defender

This documentary is about Bob Diemert of Carman, Manitoba, and his dream of building the world's next great fighter plane. His worldwide reputation as a genius at restoring "warbirds" enables him to finance his dream. The Defender is a lively, sometimes wild and funny, tale about a remarkable, modern-day folk hero.

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Stephen Low
Stephen Low
Charles Konowal
Charles Konowal
producteur exécutif
Michael Scott
Ches Yetman
Leon Johnson
Michael Mirus
Alfonso Peccia
montage sonore
Jackie Newell
Hans Peter Strobl
Cedric Smith
Eldon Rathburn


  • jestlloyd

    «Call him what you will, dreamer, oddball, but we should celebrate his ingenuity and grit. Canada needs more folks like him and we should support people like him before we send our money outside our borders» — jestlloyd, 2 Jan 2012

  • Bruff

    «It is unfortunate that the film portrays Diemert and sidekick, Chris Ball, as oddballs – which, to a certain extent, they really are. But look at what South Africa came up with 20-plus years after the fact and tell me it doesn’t have ‘Bob Diemert’ written all over it!» — Bruff, 10 Nov 2011

  • whitewolf

    «well I enjoyed the film very much, thanks so much for doing it and cudos to Bob Diemert for his drive and expertise good work and well done» — whitewolf, 29 Jul 2010

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