Canadian Landscape

Canadian Landscape

| 17 min

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This documentary follows painter A.Y. Jackson on his canoe trips and on foot to the northern wilderness of Canada in autumn. This leading member of the Group of Seven discusses his approach to his subject matter and shows some of his paintings.

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Canadian Landscape, Radford Crawley, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

Largeur de la vidéo :

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  • réalisateur
    Radford Crawley
  • photographie
    Radford Crawley
  • scénario
    Graham McInnes
  • narrateur
    Stephen Dale
  • musique
    Bernard Naylor

  • None

    I was so enthralled to see a film made in 1941 about AY Jackson. I have admired his paintings all my life, as well as those created by the other members of The Group of Seven, and Thom Thompson. Thank you for showing this. I will treasure all the insights you brought to us about sketching in the wilderness of Ontario, to the farms of Quebec. To actually see him paint, and hear his words was inspiring!

    None, 7 Jui 2022
  • garyh

    Invaluable look at a great Canadian landscape painter at work. We even get to hear him talk about how he paints. Great work by the National Film Board!!!

    garyh, 4 Aoû 2020
  • Stephen F.

    What a treat to see A.Y. Jackson doing what he loved. I am so thankful the NFB undertook this project. I wish I had tried to talk with him as he sat in his chair looking out on the landscape surrounding the McMichael Gallery many years ago!

    Stephen F., 7 Mai 2020
  • CoryTheRaven

    Great look at his technique, and it really solidified something I noticed about his work. It struck me, as a native of Alberta, that he wasn't really adequate to the task of painting Western Canada. Now I can connect why his genteel, fluid style doesn't work: Ontario and Quebec actually look like that.

    CoryTheRaven, 27 Jui 2012
  • jameslahey

    What a treasure to see a Canadian icon in his element. Bravo NFB!

    jameslahey, 18 Jan 2010