This drama portrays an immigrant family and the mingled feelings of hope and despair that characterize their life in a strange land. An Italian wife joins her husband in a large Canadian city. After two years in Canada the husband feels his dream of a better life is close to realization, but his wife feels that differences of language and custom are insurmountable. How such feelings are dispelled by simple gestures of friendship from Canadian-born neighbours gives a heartening conclusion to the film.


  • Confessor

    «Funny. I live in an apartment building in Toronto, and am regularly disgusted by the way that people who live in the next apartment or just down the hall, completely ignore me/one another. It's truly shameful. Yesterday, I locked my apartment and walked to the elevator, just as another fellow down the hall was doing the same. I waited for him to look at me so that I could smile and say hello. He refused to make eye contact. I grew up in Victoria, and recently visited family there. As I was walking through a parking lot, a complete stranger said "hello". What's the difference?; the size of the city? » — Confessor, 17 Jui 2010

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Générique du film

Donald Ginsberg
David Bairstow
producteur associé
Blanche Markle
Charles E. Israel
John Gunn
Frank Orban
Martin Defalco
montage sonore
Bernard Bordeleau
Gerry Sarracini
Hildegarde Rossi

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