The Wish

The Wish

| 27 min

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This documentary short introduces us to 8-year-old identical twins as they explore their family background. Filmed by the twins' father at their grandparents' lakeside cottage, The Wish is a lyrical study of childhood and family roots.

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The Wish, Martin Duckworth, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Martin Duckworth
  • caméra
    Martin Duckworth
  • producteur
    Tom Daly
  • son
    Claude Pelletier
  • montage
    Margaret Wescott
  • montage sonore
    John Knight
  • ré-enregistrement
    Roger Lamoureux
    Jean-Pierre Joutel

  • jnordstrom

    I think I recognize these two kids' voices and commentary from 'Helicopter Canada,' during the sequence when they fly over the Petitcodiac and the Hopewell Rocks. They say things like "I wonder if there's earth on the rocks," and "Mud... I wouldn't like to go there."

    jnordstrom, 23 Jui 2010