Wendy Lill: Playwright in Parliament

Wendy Lill: Playwright in Parliament

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This documentary profiles Wendy Lill, an acclaimed and award-winning playwright who ran for a seat in, and was unexpectedly elected to, the Canadian Parliament in 1997. Critics have said that Lill's writing "plunges deeply into the mysteries of the human heart"; she has written poignantly about suffering, hypocrisy, abuse of power and the human conscience. Lill's political ambition was simply to "make a difference", but politics turns out to be a drama for which she is not always prepared. By the end of her first year in office as rookie MP for Dartmouth, Lill has made a reputation for herself as a staunch and committed NDP cultural and disability critic. This film is a fascinating portrait of a committed and creative Canadian artist and social justice activist.

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  • réalisateur
    Mike Mahoney
    Meredith Ralston
  • producteur
    Charlie Doucette
    Kent Martin
  • scénario
    Bob Lower
  • caméra
    Mike Mahoney
  • son
    John Rosborough
    Phil Brouwer
    Chris Newton
    Jane Porter
    Robert Patterson
  • montage
    Dean Soltys
  • mix
    Allan Scarth
  • narration
    Ann Marie MacDonald
  • musique
    Blain Morris
  • interprète
    Peter Blais
    John Dunsworth
    Gay Hauser
    Joan Orenstein
    Mike Petersen
    Ryan Rogerson