Wartime Housing

Wartime Housing

                                Wartime Housing
| 17 min

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This short documentary looks at the rapid industrial expansion that took place during WWII and the need for more decent housing. Workers flooding into urban centres and outlying areas were accommodated with small pre-fabricated homes that could be constructed quickly and efficiently.

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Wartime Housing, Graham McInnes, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Graham McInnes
  • caméra
    Grant Crabtree
  • montage
    Roger Racine
  • musique
    Louis Applebaum
  • scénario
    Leon Shaw

  • Biff Harrelson

    Many of those houses were darling and for the mid 20th century, quite adequate for many. Of course, postwar, there were many plants shut down, so those houses weren't likely needed in some areas. The projects erected across the river in Detroit were nowhere near as attractive. It took ten years for them to completely dismantle the projects three blocks from my neighborhood.

    Biff Harrelson, 18 Nov 2016
  • gordlawson

    I have been fascinated by the wartime house and how there practicality and affordability caused them to outlive there government planned demise. I am researching how adapting the designs to energy efficient models could be a possible solution to the affordable housing crisis especially in smaller towns and villages. Obviously the Now House project has already seen their potential as they retrofit existing ones into net zero houses.

    gordlawson, 3 Mar 2016