Warrior Boyz

To date, more than a hundred young men from the South Asian community have died in gang-related violence in Metro Vancouver. Gangs are a reality of urban life, yet behind the body count and the headlines, a far different battle is being waged. Educators and parents are taking action against gang violence. Director Baljit Sangra's documentary Warrior Boyz takes an unflinching look at the root causes of gang violence, and offers real solutions and a hard-fought hope for the future.


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Générique du film

Baljit Sangra
Baljit Sangra
Cari Green
Baljit Sangra
Selwyn Jacob
Mary Ungerleider
prise de vues
Rolf Cutts
conception sonore
Gael MacLean
supervision du son
Gael MacLean
Robyn Traill
Jonathan Ritchie
Sandy Chow
Yu Gu
conception musicale
Gael MacLean
Greg Stewart
Roger Morris

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