A Trip Down Memory Lane

From Arthur Lipsett (Very Nice, Very Nice and 21-87), another incisive short film that looks at human might, majesty and mayhem. Compiled from some peculiar newsreel items of the last 50 years, the filmmaker calls this a time capsule yet his arrangement of pictures makes it almost explosive. There are hundreds of items, once front-page stuff, but all wryly grotesque when seen in this reshuffle of the past.


  • sixam

    «Of course, history never ends.» — sixam, 21 Mar 2014

  • MetisYeti

    «a mesmerizing masterpiece» — MetisYeti, 19 Déc 2010

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Générique du film

Arthur Lipsett
Arthur Lipsett
Donald Brittain
Arthur Lipsett
Ron Alexander

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