Ti-Jean Goes Lumbering

Ti-Jean Goes Lumbering

                                Ti-Jean Goes Lumbering
| 15 min

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Ten-year-old Ti-Jean's feats dwarf those of even the strongest lumberjack as he fells timber, cuts, carries and piles heavy logs, and comes out the victor in every contest. This short French-Canadian folk tale portrays typical life and work in a winter logging camp.

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Ti-Jean Goes Lumbering, Jean Palardy, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Jean Palardy
  • producteur
    Jean Palardy
  • scénario
    Jean Palardy
  • producteur exécutif
    Bernard Devlin
  • commentaire
    Léonard Forest
  • caméra
    Grant Crabtree
  • montage
    Wanda Nowakowski
  • musique
    William McCauley

  • MereOiseau

    My husband saw this film in childhood (he was born the year it was made) and we're so pleased to be able to watch it online. Merci!

    MereOiseau, 5 Mar 2011
  • Flawless Knockoff

    Oh, the memories! :-)

    Flawless Knockoff, 15 Déc 2010