The Museum

The Museum

| 1 h 30 min
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This feature documentary follows William Thorsell as he sets out to renovate Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum. He thinks big, opting for a bold architectural gesture that will inject a shot of amphetamine into the staid and sensible veins of Canada's biggest burg. Enter Daniel Libeskind, the celebrity architect linked to the Ground Zero site and other prestigious building projects. Smartly tuned to contemporary debates on public architecture, The Museum charts their grand scheme in an entertaining tale of ego, art and steel beams.

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  • narrateur
    Colm Feore
  • producteur
    Kenton Vaughan
  • réalisateur
    Kenton Vaughan
  • writer
    Kenton Vaughan
  • producteur
    Gordon Henderson
    Silva Basmajian
  • monteur
    Greg West
  • directeur de la photographie
    Mark Caswell
    Mark Ellam
    Christopher Romeike
  • musique originale
    David Wall
  • *
    Scott Chappel
    Brent Haliskie
    Michael Kennedy
    Ao Loo
    Mike MacClymont
    Jan McCharles
    Steve McNamee
    Brendan Michie
    Jason Milligan
    Gary Oppenheimer
    Zoltan Ravasz
    Bob Salter
    Adrian Tucker
  • conception sonore
    Grant Edmonds
  • *
    Mike Duncan
  • graphiques
    Nathan Sheilds
  • producteur exécutif
    Gordon Henderson
    Silva Basmajian

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    This was a great movie. A real blast from the past (I had forgotten there used to be a Pizza Hut right across the street from the ROM). Also, movie presents timeless insight into the creative process. Five stars. Every Torontonian should see this movie.

    None, 20 Avr 2019