The Canadian Pavilion, Expo 67

The Canadian Pavilion, Expo 67

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The visit to the Canadian Pavilion at Expo 67 highlights Canada's natural resources and advances in technology and science.

"A terrific look at the Canadian pavilion, including the unforgettable attraction called the People Tree. I was very happy to see the contributions of Canada’s Indigenous peoples emphasized in the film. Some really odd contraptions also make an appearance, such as a transportation machine and an early version of the modern computer; and the film highlights the country’s vast resources as well, including the then in-vogue use of uranium. Overall, a charmingly optimistic view of Canadian innovation in the fields of communications, transport and art!" - A. Ohayon

Albert Ohayon
De la sélection : Expo 67: 50+ Years Later

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The Canadian Pavilion, Expo 67, Marc Beaudet, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Marc Beaudet
  • producteur exécutif
    André Belleau
    Clément Perron
  • commentaire
    Daisy De Bellefeuille
  • photographie
    Michel Régnier
    Claude Larue
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    Joseph Champagne
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    Marc Beaudet
    Lucien Marleau
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    Donald Douglas
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    George Croll
    Michel Descombes
  • musique
    Otto Joachim

  • astro303

    Have been looking for films from Expo 67, brings back memories from when I was a kid. I spent MANY days there as we lived in Montreal then. Excellent film, really enjoyed watching! Now to try and find A Place to Stand, that was a classic movie I watched in the Ontario pavilion over and over again that year. Was hoping maybe I would find it on this site, but it wasn't a NFB film. Wished there were more Expo 67 movies to watch, as it was so good, and all those pavilions and contents long since gone, would have loved to be able to see tours of them too! Thanks for the memories!

    astro303, 4 Mai 2010